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L.S.G. (Часть III: 2002 – 2004)

Третья – и на данный момент заключительная – часть саги об L.S.G., охватывающей самые значимые и крупные вехи за более чем 10-летний период в дискографии этого замечательнейшего во всех отношениях [но, увы, к настоящему моменту уже прекратившего свою творческую активность] Техно-трансового проекта, навсегда обеспечившего своему создателю почётное место в мировой электронно-музыкальной элите!

Последний из официально изданных под этим именем полноформатных альбомов Оливера Либа: гамбургский лэйбл Superstition и попытка автора [на мой личный взгляд – не совсем удачная] войти в русло такого, знаете ли, модного и вязкого, как принято говорить, "качающего" клубного Транс-саунда "новой волны", с характерным привкусом Progressive House:

L.S.G. – The Hive (2002)

Label: Superstition
Catalog#: Superstition 2142-2
Format: CD, Album, Mixed
Bitrate: 160-256 Kbps

Country: Germany
Released: 14 Jun 2002
Genre: Electronic
Style: Progressive Trance

Credits: Artwork By - Weissraum Design
Artwork By [Virtual Architecture] - Nulleinsbild
Photography - PIN-Studios
Written-By, Producer - Oliver Lieb
Notes: Published by Copyright Control.

(p)+(c) 2002 Superstition Recordings GmbH.


1. Loose Ends (9:29)
2. Down to Earth (10:11)
3. Saviour (7:34)
4. Black Currant (7:35)
5. Goddess (8:46)
6. The Hive (8:32)
7. Infectious #1 (5:27)
8. Infectious #2 (3:47)
9. Brainwash (3:19)
10. Everon (4:58)
11. Chieftain (5:27)
12. Liquid (1:48)


Финальная парочка памятных антологий "The Best" от L.S.G. (выпущенных как бы в виде связки на двух винилах и частично миксованном двойном CD), компилирующая лучшие и наиболее яркие работы О. Либа за весь период его творческой активности в рамках данного проекта, включая версии треков в оригиналах и авторских переработках:

[Superstition 2150-3] L.S.G. – The Best of L.S.G. (The Original Mixes), 2xLP (2004)

Label: Superstition
Catalog#: Superstition 2150-3
Format: 2 x Vinyl, LP
Bitrate: 320 Kbps

Country: Germany
Released: 09 Feb 2004
Genre: Electronic
Style: Trance


A1. Netherworld (Vinyl Cut)
A2. Risin'
B1. Hearts
C1. The Hidden Sun of Venus (Oliver Lieb mix) [= "OL Superstition remix", aka "Venus remix"]
C2. Fragile
D1. Blueprint (Version 1)
D2. My Time is Yours (Club mix)


L.S.G. – The Best of L.S.G. – The Singles Reworked, 2xCD (2004)

Label: Superstition
Catalog#: Superstition 2150-2
Format: 2 x CD, Album, Partially Mixed
Bitrate: 256-320 Kbps

Country: Germany
Released: 23 Feb 2004
Genre: Electronic
Style: Trance, Techno, Ambient

Credits: Producer, Written-By - Oliver Lieb
Notes: All tracks reworked by L.S.G.

Disc 1: Mixed
Disc 2: Unmixed

This album features the best tracks from L.S.G., reworked by Oliver Lieb and mixed in one breathtaking flow (The Singles Reworked).
The Bonus CD features the rare originals as well as the brandnew club mixes.

CD1: 1-9 produced 2004 by L.S.G.

CD2/01: Exclusive new mix in 2003, also available on Superstition 2148 12"
CD2/02: Exclusive new mix in 2004
CD2/03: Originally released in 1996 on "L.S.G.: Volume Two" Superstition 2069 LP
CD2/04: Originally released in 1995 on "Fontana/Venus Remixes" Superstition 2044
CD2/05: Named as "unreleased mix" [but released 1996 on "Nature One Vol.3" ZYX 81084-2]
CD2/06: Originally released in 1995 on "My Time Is Yours" Superstition 2036 12"
CD2/07: Originally released in 1994 on "Blueprint E.P." Superstition 2018 12"
CD2/08: Originally released in 1994 on "Blueprint E.P." Superstition 2018 12"
CD2/09: Originally released in 1994 on "Superstition Volume Two" Superstition 2017 CD
CD2/10: Originally released in 1994 on "Fragile Remixes" Superstition 2011 12"


The Singles Reworked:

1.01. Hearts (Reworked) (10:41)
1.02. Blueprint (Reworked) (7:36)
1.03. Shecan (Reworked) (6:27)
1.04. My Time is Yours (Reworked) (8:31)
1.05. The Train of Thought (Reworked) (9:03)
1.06. Transmutation (Reworked) (7:49)
1.07. Cubic (Reworked) (8:58)
1.08. Netherworld (Reworked) (8:35)
1.09. Risin' (Reworked) (6:43)

The Bonus CD:

2.01. Fragile (Part 3) (8:59)
2.02. Hearts (Part 2) (7:00)
2.03. Netherworld (Vinyl cut) (7:15)
2.04. Hidden Sun of Venus (Oliver Lieb remix) (8:06)
2.05. Transmutation 2 (6:58)
2.06. My Time is Yours (Club mix) (6:39)
2.07. Hearts (7:41)
2.08. Blueprint (Version 1) (9:04)
2.09. Odyssey (Single version) (4:25)
2.10. Fragile (Gravity Fools The Magician remix by Vapourspace) (9:26)

За предоставленный аудио-материал выношу благодарность Carsten Powl!


Ну и напоследок нельзя не осветить "прощальный" Unreleased album от L.S.G. (в оригинале датированный ещё 2002-м годом), выложенный Оливером на его персональной страничке MySpace в феврале 2007-го с необходимым авторским пояснением, текст коего в полном объёме приводится ниже:

L.S.G. – Unreleased album (2002)

Format: Mp3-file, 102 Mb
[Mp3 192 Kbps 44kHz]

Please read the following text:

i decided to put online for free the "unreleased" LSG album. It created this in late 2002 for beeing released in late 2003. Then the distribution went down and the situation was unpredictable, so the decision was to start with the new distributor releasing a "best of LSG" album and see how things go...but this is a different story...

As i said this was done late in 2002 - so not in any way representing what i am doing right now. This is more a tribute and a big thank you to the fans of the LSG project and - at least for me now - a way to close the door to this project and focus even more on what i am doing now. Some people might say that the old stuff i have done was better than what i do right now. But please think about how things developed...
When i started the LSG project trance as a name for a style wasnt established and right now to me the word trance does have a really bad meaning and only stands for a certain commercial and non-developing style that i am glad finally managed to get less attention. I tried to stay ahead of times but in the big times of this project it was hard to always keep that in mind. So i can only ask to always keep your ears up for new styles and artists and dont block something new by just thinking that the best happend in the past already.
I personally think that at the moment the greatest thing about the music scene is that a lot is possible again like in the early days. The "we are cool - this is crap" way of thinking is not as big as it was some 5 to 8 years ago and all kind of different styles and influences can work on one label or even in one track again...
so like back then its just about good music.

Enough talking...just one more thing please:

Pleas dont stream the file...download it by right-clicking on the file name ;)

Also...please DONT spread the file or give a direct link to anybody.
If you want to spread the album - go ahead...but give the myspace - blog link so the people see what i do now. If there is too many direct download or i find this album on any download portal i will close the link and wont do anything like this in the future anymore

Thanks a lot for reading this and for your support

All the best
Oliver Lieb

i give this for free and people put it online in several forums. support this effort by ONLY using MY link - no other ones ...also please read the text above or on the link site.


В соответствие с требованием автора [не распространять данный аудио-файл в беспорядочном самостоятельном режиме] размещаю прямой линк на указанную Оливером Download page:


За паролями к архивам как всегда обращаться: durman1983@rambler.ru

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